12 February 2009

"What does it mean to be born a mammal, with an emotional legacy that makes me capable of caring for others, breeding with the ovaries of a primate, possessing the mind of a human being. To be a semi-continuously sexually receptive, hairless biped, filled with conflicting aspirations and struggling to maintain her balance in a rapidly changing world?"

You should check out Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. She's an amazing Darwinian feminist scientist. The above quote is from her book on motherhood, which I'm just getting into now. It is great.


She's part of a group of scientists working nowadays trying to reconcile the extreme fissions that occurred between science and political feminist groups starting in the sixties and seventies due to the creation of fields like "sociobiology" by the likes of E.O. Wilson--fields potentially ripe with positive tools, though unfortunately plagued with violent misinterpretations from both ends. I find the relationship between science and feminism to be extremely interesting, and was wondering what you thought about the matter.

Submitted by: Steve W

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