12 February 2009

Inaugural Feminist Ninja Action

I'm getting massively excited about this project. And of course, even though the primary goal is first and foremost to provide a platform for all discontented voices (SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! See sidebar for directions), a secondary goal is absolutely collective action.

I'm a big fan of guerrilla tactics. So my first proposed action for the Feminist Ninjas is a reaction to Valentine's day, because who hasn't been shit-soaked with advertisements for blood diamonds, e-harmony, and fancy cars for the past month? And it's more than a little frustrating that christo-normativity dominates our capital to such an extent that our market places a gold standard on the christian consumer's dollar.

So in the spirit of friendly holiday vandalism, if you're on the subway on Saturday and you see a particularly inciting advertisement, take out a big ol sharpie/piece of paper/paint (if you're the sort that carries paint on the subway)/make some banners/etc and write what you think.
"Don't let heteronormative capitalism get you down!"
"Emotions are not a commodity"
And on and on. Believe it or not, when folks see something like that, in direct contradiction to the 34023048 ads they're so used to, they're going to AT LEAST spend some time thinking. And thinking is A fucking plus.

Sign off as a feminist ninja, take pictures, blah blah blah.

(probably required disclaimer: you should probably avoid illegal vandalism, or at least don't get arrested. For now.)


  1. I always like the "THIS INSULTS WOMEN" stickers to prompt some folks into a good head-scratching.

    p.s. great work on the blog, Rachael!