10 February 2009

A favorite book of mine, Cunt by Inga Muscio (very much a woman who knows how to rage, loud and fucking proud), has a section about the importance of having a personal manifesto. To each their own, but they do come in handy when you're feeling down on the state of the world and you need a little self soul hug. I'm sticking on two pieces of my own that I keep going back to, that give me a nudge back towards the social-justice-sword-toting Keri.
I promise I won't be posting as often in the near future. Hit me up with your manifestos, credos, those things that you mumble to yourself every morning to get you going. Comment! Let's get interactive.

I will raise my voice with all the fervor, all the rage,all the clamor of the women who have had their mouths taped shut, who have been told their voices are worthless, who have clamped their teeth shut to keep from screaming. My voice will echo off the borders, will send waves crashing across the ocean. I am a woman who will never, ever be silenced.

We have let men fetishize women with any semblance of physical or mental power for far far too long. We have swords, and we are no longer a sheath. Remove societal phallic connotations as we disembowel your expectations. They are what we'll use to desecrate your slave houses, your corporate rape factories. We have strength and it is not sexy- It is what keeps us alive

(p.s. I committed my first public display of ninja-ism on the F train today, but didn't manage to get a picture. My bad!)

Love and Rage

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