24 February 2009

A few words:

I wrote this is my journal a few days ago:

“This week: unbelievable, empowering and debilitating at the same time. I still do not have words for Thursday afternoon. Something took over me, and goddamn, it was wonderful."

It is now early, early Tuesday morning and I still feel this way. All in all, the entire week was a clusterfuck of emotions. I’m amazed by the amount of coverage my actions received, upset at some of that coverage’s take on my actions, nonplussed by the number of hateful, mean-spirited and judgmental comments left here and everywhere the story was printed, appalled by people’s decision to question the feminist ideals of both Keri and I (Keri, in particular, since she is one of the few real feminists I have ever met), but mostly, mostly, I’m ecstatic. Ecstatic because I stood up for something and, in my humblest of opinions, it worked.

Yes, that’s right, I firmly believe that my decision to protest topless worked. If it hadn’t, you might not be reading this; you might not have perused through dozens of websites for information about the occupation.

And if you criticize me for that, well so be it. After all, as humans, we have that right. I did what I did with one and only one intention: to bring attention to TBNYU’s efforts. There were never any other motives. I apologize for those who thought/think/will think otherwise because that was and is still not the case.

Plus, there are 6,706,993,152 people in the world. Meaning there are more than 3,000,000,000 women out there. Women with breasts. It’s really not that big of a deal.

That is all.
Peace, love, empathy

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