17 February 2009

Fly Girls!

A delirious Nadia in the ninjahouse.

Just dropping by to point out this lovely Rick Sawyer article currently on the front page of the Jamsbio Magazine website. It chronicles the upbringing of the hip hop community through the ever so underrated female MC with a look at Soul Jazz Records’ new compilation Fly Girls! Check it out:

Nikki Giovanni

"Fly Girls! follows the traditional hip hop narrative, linking rapping to the black spoken word artists of the sixties and seventies. Instead of the Last Poets or Gil Scott Heron, however, Fly Girls! offers Nikki Giovanni, Camille Yarborough, and Sarah Webster Fabio as precursors to early female MCs.

Too much can be made of the similarities between black poetry and hip hop performance. Early rap had more immediate models in Jamaican toasting and disco chants, and, while some of the cadences of spoken word can be heard in the music, it’s hard to tell where those came from. It’s true that Yarborough’s “Take Yo’ Praise,” for example, finds its way into Missy Elliot, but you can’t find it in Sequence, the earliest female rap crew. Nonetheless, the inclusion of Yarborough, Giovanni, and Fabio reinforces the basic argument of the compilers: black culture was not made in a men’s room."

Listen to “Take Yo’ Praise” by Camille Yarborough

Ya Dig?

You can read the full article here.

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