17 March 2009

I was watching The View yesterday and I saw this interview and what preceded it. Regardless of politics I think the message behind this interivew is important (at least until they start talking about twitter).

Submitted by: Robyn


  1. I really effin' hate when someone has an idea and the idea is discredited because they're "ugly" "fat" or "from XYZ city". This girl isn't even obese. She's probably just a bit heavier than the average young woman (which is her target, I think), but fat doesn't come anywhere near my mind that comes to my mind unless I'm a bitter person with nothing else to say in rebuttal. Its not like she was trying to enter a bathing suit contest. It shouldn't come to mind at all.

  2. Great post! I love to see feminist discussions coming from the least likely of places! But, alas, my ninja-senses are tingling... I'd like to point out the part of the interview when they're all chirping "why?" Why is weight and issue, why did Ingram use this as a political rebuttal? Ms. McCain (who appears to be a tolerable human being, actually. I've read some of her stuff on that blog, and as far as modern, young pragmatism goes, she's not too bad, for a conservative) quickly mutters "I dont know." I wanted to bust on stage during the chorus of why's to be like DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH... standards of beauty have become the "new" woman's vaccuum cleaner and knitting needles. Standers of beauty have become the new woman's dowry... I would love for discussion like this to not only as why, which is an important conversation, but to actually dig a little deeper into answering it other than saying it is absurd. That's all. Great post though.