12 March 2009

Feminist Ninjas:

I stole this question from the (in)Sanity of Gender workshop and I was interested in what the FN community has to say about it. I'm personally still working on my response to this nice, juicy fat one. So tell me...

10 Things you never (and will never) tell your father.


1 comment:

  1. 1. how many people i've had sex with
    2. how many drugs i have taken
    3. how much i enjoy skinny dipping
    4. how weird it was when i found playboy in his bathroom
    5. how bad my cramps are
    6. that i bled through my undies
    7. that i need birth control
    8. that the condom broke
    9. i need money
    10. the money's for an abortion

    hypothetical of course. this was hard though. i love my daddy.